Crystal Plamondon, singer, songwriter, live performer, Nerium distributor, has a new album, Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak.


Singer back for Foothills fans

Music: Crystal Plamondon heading to High River, Black Diamond this weekend

A musical storm of high energy is blowing into the Foothills from northern Alberta this weekend.

Bilingual singer/songwriter Crystal Plamondon is returning to what she called home for 14 years to sing tracks from her latest album Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak in High River Sept. 21 and Black Diamond Sept. 22.

Plamondon spent 1998 to 2008 in Millarville and 2008 to 2012 in Longview, the latter while working at Carlson’s on Macleod in High River.

The multi-talented performer now lives in the hamlet Plamondon, northeast of Edmonton, that was founded by her Franco-American great-grandfather in 1908.

She’s eager to return to her southern Alberta home for some time with old friends.

“They’ve been wanting me to come back and play since my new album was released in 2015,” she said. “I played in Calgary for its 150th last year but I didn’t make it to the Foothills. They were bugging me to come back. All of my friends are there. That’s my home.”

Plamondon will perform at Carlson’s on Macleod Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. and the Griffiths Seniors Centre in Black Diamond Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m.

“I’m really looking forward to being in the south,” she said. “When I play in the Foothills there are so many people I know, it’s so fun. It’s like a big home, French Canadian party.”

The experience of creating her latest album Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak is one that Plamondon describes as cathartic.

“The first half of the album talks about heartbreak and then it’s the message that things happen for a reason, this crap is gone, let’s carry on,” she said. “I’m going to sing mostly that album because they haven’t heard it yet.”

Plamondon’s talents go beyond singing and writing songs. Her 30-year professional career has included appearing in many television and radio specials and performing in television productions, movies and live theatre.

Foothills residents appreciate her connection with the locally-filmed hit CBC television series Heartland, where she sang and produced songs including Saving the Best for Last off her fifth album On a Song & a Prayer in season six.

“I’m the voice of Grandpa Jack’s dead wife,” she said. “She was a singer in the series and she would come back in his dreams and he had records of her and she sang.”

Plamondon’s music, from her heart-warming ballads to country, roots and Cajun music, receives a lot of attention including, but not limited to, the Prix Sylvie Van Brabant for Excellence in Artisque Creation in Alberta in 2004 and the Prix CHFA de la chanson albertaine for excellence in Alberta French Culture in 2009.

Three years ago she released Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak, her seventh album, featuring original material with a few spiritual covers with band mate/writing partner Gord Matthews.

Plamondon has been writing songs in both French and English since her teenage years.

“French is my first language so my mom said, ‘Why don’t you sing in French?’ and I did and thank God,” she said. “Being bilingual has gotten me a lot of gigs around the world. Sometimes I write in French and sometimes I write in English and sometimes I write in both.”

In addition to her skills with pen and paper, Plamondon’s high-energy shows got her invited to events from Canada Day celebrations to the Calgary Stampede.

“I want people to be entertained and moved and laugh and cry and just have fun and forget all the crap of the world,” she said. “That’s what music is supposed to do. I do about a dozen live shows a year and write songs for other musicians (with Matthews).”

Tickets to see Plamondon perform cost $20 each.

They can be purchased at the door, by calling 403-601-8774 for the High River show, or at Bluerock Gallery or by calling 852-2407 for the Black Diamond show.


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First Blizzard of the year yesterday!

First blizzard of the year!  Love it ,,,, but only if you can stay home by the fire,,,,,drink wine,,,,knit,,,,watch Dolly Parton Christmas,,,, and not drive.  Oh yeah and in the morning shovelling to get out your door,,,hmmmm,,,,oh well better than a flood or fire,,,,,,we are blessed with the white stuff!!!


Wild Roses Along The Road

Hi Every one !  Here is a song that Gord Matthews and myself wrote; For the 2016 All Albertan Song Contest.  The song is called "Wild Roses Along The Road".  Very grateful for the opportunity to write and record with Gord and now have such a beautiful Alberta song in our repertoire.congratulations to the 6 finalists, and thank you to Barry Allen our wonderful buddy who helped us out!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!  Love to all - Crystal

Wild Roses Along The Road

Wild and free, is my destiny
ʼve never been fenced in, Iʼm running with the wind I see the eagle fly, I hear the lone wolfʼs cry
They call my name, they call me home again

The rivers may rise, the fires may burn Give it some time and the world will turn

Wild roses, along the road
Lead the way, to a better day
Where wild horses, still remain
And my spirit can find me again
(Through time and time and time and time again)

ʼve lost before, and weʼll lose some more Weʼre still in the game, but the game has changed Boom or Bust, we donʼt know who to trust
Snow and rain, all across the plains

Gord Matthews / Eye Steak Publishing Crystal Plamondon / Avenir Publishing Socan 2016

Crystal Plamondon delights Grandview crowd

Energetic and vivacious might be understatements of the excitement Crystal Plamondon and her band brought to the “Stage” this past Thursday. Crystal exudes passion for her music as she establishes a personal bond with her audiences quickly, and just seems to have that knack of relating to people through her songs as well as her stories.

The band featured Gord Mathews on guitar (he played several years with KD Lang, then Ian Tyson). John Calverly on the fiddle, with Chris Brzezicki on bass, and Joey McIntyre on drums – truly an all- star Alberta band. The appreciative crowd (many of whom have seen Crystal here her previous three times) was treated to an array of original and classic tunes ranging from country to Cajun. Gord was brilliant as always on the guitar and he and Crystal have an obvious chemistry both in music and in humour, with Gord’s dry wit a nice counterpoint to Crystal’s high energy. Crystal told some hilarious stories of life and love in Plamondon, AB, her home town (not coincidentally, as most people there have some of her DNA). A highlight of the night was her amazing encore rendition of “La Vie En Rose”, as she says, “the best love song ever written”. The best rendition we’ve ever heard. Thanks Crystal and the guys, and as always everyone who attended.

Grandview Stage’s next presentation is Tuesday Oct 4, when we present New York bluesman and true renaissance man Guy Davis. “Guy Davis. He’s out of New York, and he’s America’s greatest link to the blues right now.” ~ Windsor Star, Ontario, Canada. July 31, 2015. Artist, actor, story teller, and blues musician, Guy is familiar to all acoustic blues fans as one of the continents’ leading proponents of Americana roots blues and has appeared on Conan O’Brien and David Letterman. Guy Davis has truly taken the blues to the world, having toured from Australia to the Ukraine, and most of the alphabet in between. Folks can get a taste of Guy through his website Truly a world class talent. We can’t wait. Call 403-845-6404 for dinner and show tickets, or drop in to the Grandview Stage store.

Don’t forget to treat yourselves to our Wednesday night Open Mic, hosted by the incomparable Allen Christie. Lots of good music and laughs with local musicians and guests, no cover, just show up and have fun. We feature a great new menu of in-house prepared dishes by Chef Joe Tibando and crew and served up by our friendly staff.

See you soon. Yours in Music!

Del, Lesley, Joe, and Sta Grandview Stage Resort

Auteur-compositeur-interprète et percussionniste, née le 13 septembre 1963 à Avenir en, Alberta


Native de la région de Plamondon, petit village du nord-est albertain fondé par son arrière-grand-père où elle fait ses études primaires et secondaires, Crystal Plamondon a toujours baigné dans un univers imprégné de musiques country et folk. Enfant, pourvue d’une voix forte et encouragé par ses parents, elle chante en public dès l’âge de 10 ans. Sa carrière musicale débute au sein d’un groupe familial qui remporte un succès important dans la région de Plamondon et Lac-la-Biche.

Un tout premier succès local, la chanson Pauvre gars chantée sur le Tommy Hunter Show en 1988 marque l’aube de sa carrière solo. Crystal Plamondon participe au premier Gala albertain de la chanson en 1989. Comptant Dolly Parton, Daniel Lanois et Zachary Richard parmi ses influences, elle enregistre son premier titre en 1991, Bon temps TOUT la nuit et son deuxième album, Carpe Diem, en 1993. Ce dernier lui permet de percer en France avec la chanson Capitaine qui atteint le top du palmarès et ensuite On va faire le rigodon, au Top 10..

Fière de ses origines canadienne-française et acadienne, elle s’inspire aussi des chansons traditionnelles, de la musique country, des rythmes Métis et Amérindiens et surtout du zydeco et de la musique cajun. Elle participe à de nombreux festivals dont le Festival international de la Louisiane, le Crawfish Festival
à Beaux Bridge en Louisiane, le Festival du Voyageur, le Big Valley Jamboree et le Edmonton Folk Festival.

En 1992, elle reçoit le prix de l’interprète de l’année décerné par l’Alberta Recording Industry Association (ARIA). Découverte par Hadley Castille, elle présente de nombreux spectacles en Louisiane et devient même citoyenne honoraire de la ville de Beaux Bridge en 1994. Les vidéoclips de ses chansons Rendez- vous en Louisiane et La Cajine, ce dernier filmé à Plamondon en Alberta, tournent régulièrement aux États-Unis et au Canada.

Surnommée la « reine cajun du Canada », elle lance son prochain album, La rousse farouche, en 1996, un album qui l’imposera définitivement comme vedette de l’univers cajun. Plus de frontières/No Borders suit en 2002 et est en nomination dans la catégorie « album francophone de l’année » lors des Western Canadian Music Awards en 2003. De la Louisiane à la Belgique, ses chansons tournent partout.

En 1997, pendant six mois, elle co-anime avec Bourbon Gauthier l’émission CountryMax à Montréal.

En 1998, Radio-Canada lui demande d’animer une émission spéciale tournée au Bénin, « Passeport Musique ». Cette initiation à la musique africaine fut une expérience marquante. En 2000, elle interprète la chanson Famous Five Anthem, qu’elle a elle-même traduite, lors du dévoilement du monument Women are Persons sur la colline parlementaire à Ottawa.

En 2004, Crystal Plamondon est lauréate de plusieurs prix dont, entre autres, le prix Sylvie Van Brabant qui souligne l’excellence de sa création artistique en Alberta.


En 2005, elle obtient le rôle principal à la production théâtrale de l’Unithéâtre/Centre national des arts, Cow-boy poétré, qui sera ensuite en tournée en Alberta, aux Maritimes et à Ottawa. La même année, elle participe à l’émission Alberta Bound dans le cadre des célébrations entourant le centenaire de l’Alberta.

En 2009, parait son cinquième album, On a Song & a Prayer/Une chanson, une prière, dont deux chansons, Forever More et Saving the Best for Last , sont reprises dans l’émission télévisée Heartland. Cet album contient quelques belles réussites dont la balade Constamment et la chanson country Sa belle du rodéo qui se retrouvent sur les palmarès francophones tant au Canada et qu’en France.

Reprenant des classiques tels que What a Wonderful World de Louis Armstong et Je ne regrette rien d’Édith Piaf, elle n’hésite pas à s’éloigner de sa passion pour la musique country et cajun en enregistrant un album jazz bilingue, Torch, aussi en 2009. Ce revirement musical total remplis de parcours languinants de jazz est une révélation pour ses fans.

En mai 2009, Crystal Plamondon reçoit le Prix de la radio CHFA pour sa contribution à la chanson française en Alberta.

En février 2010, elle se replonge dans ses influences musicales cajun lorsqu’elle participe au tournage d’un documentaire en Louisiane sur les origines de la musique country.

Après une pause de six ans, la chanteuse revient avec son sixième album, Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak, en 2015. Emprunt de country, gospel, folk et cajun, ce disque se veut être plus intimiste en reflétant, en chansons personnelles, un retour aux sources pour Crystal Plamondon.


Bon temps tout la nuit (1991)
Carpe Diem! (1993)
La Rousse farouche (1996)
Plus de frontières / No Borders (2002)
On A Song and A Prayer / une chanson, une prière (2009) TORCH (2009)

Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak (2015)

Alain Bertrand

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