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Wild Roses Along The Road

Hi Every one !  Here is a song that Gord Matthews and myself wrote; For the 2016 All Albertan Song Contest.  The song is called "Wild Roses Along The Road".  Very grateful for the opportunity to write and record with Gord and now have such a beautiful Alberta song in our repertoire.congratulations to the 6 finalists, and thank you to Barry Allen our wonderful buddy who helped us out!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!  Love to all - Crystal

Wild Roses Along The Road

Wild and free, is my destiny
ʼve never been fenced in, Iʼm running with the wind I see the eagle fly, I hear the lone wolfʼs cry
They call my name, they call me home again

The rivers may rise, the fires may burn Give it some time and the world will turn

Wild roses, along the road
Lead the way, to a better day
Where wild horses, still remain
And my spirit can find me again
(Through time and time and time and time again)

ʼve lost before, and weʼll lose some more Weʼre still in the game, but the game has changed Boom or Bust, we donʼt know who to trust
Snow and rain, all across the plains

Gord Matthews / Eye Steak Publishing Crystal Plamondon / Avenir Publishing Socan 2016

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