Crystal Plamondon, singer, songwriter, live performer, Nerium distributor, has a new album, Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak.


At home in Plamondon

Long time no much has happened. I released my latest CD Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak in September.  We did 6 CD releases my band and I.  

What a blast - thank you to all who came out!  Thank you for buying my CDs I hope you are enjoying it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  For those of you who didn't, you now have the chance to purchase them on my new website.  We are still working on my new website so BEAR with us it will be done soon.  Rob Gilgan is creating it for me,,, holding my hand all the way.  lol.  Thanks to my fabulous band and road crew!  Gord Matthews, Karen Matthews, Jonathan Lewis, Myran Szott, John Calverly, Chris Brzezicki, Joey McIntyre, Fern Plamondon, Christie Ladouceur, Barry Allen, Colin McConnell, Mike Bidzinski.  

I just came back from 2 fabulous weeks in Louisiana visiting my family & friends.  I brought my Mother with me, it was great.  Oh how I needed my Louisiana fix,,,,,,, ah ,,,,,,,Laissez les bon temps rouler!  In July I moved north to the woods to my home place of Plamondon, AB.

 The Holiday Season is upon us and you might need to buy some gifts so remember my CD and CDs! Also Bar13 SoapWorks who are my business partners have "Crystal Rose"  all natural soap, body lotion, bubble bath, inspired by yours truly.  What a heavenly smell!  Don't forget also my skin care product "Nerium"  a great gift for your loved one.  Also all natural.  All natural just like me!  You can purchase all of the above on my website or contact me.   love, love, love,  Crystal

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