Crystal Plamondon, singer, songwriter, live performer, Nerium distributor, has a new album, Half Gospel, Half Heartbreak.



This is the conception of my aspiration to create a TORCH concert & album to make the listener reawaken their memories and emotions and relate to the passion in my voice and soul.

Through experiencing many career highlights, in the past 20 years, I have gained a great understanding of the interests of my listeners. Through this, I have decided to truly showcase my vocal abilities and identity; Peggy Lee meets Edith PIaf!

The TORCH album has 9 jazzy standards and 1 Jennifer Warnes / Leonard Cohen original: 8 English songs and 2 French Edith Piaf songs. 

 The overall concept is to maintain recognition by the public that at some point in their lives, they have felt the emotions I am putting across in these TORCH songs. The listeners will be able to emotionally identify with having “been there” as a part of the soundtrack at crucial points in their lives. 

 It is a very touching, romantic and sensual concert that will leave you reminiscing of days gone by and wanting more romance and music in your life.

I am confident in my ability to create a successful “lien” between music and our souls, and between my listeners and me. 



Torch Song a Definition: 

 A sentimental love song, typically one in which the singer laments an unrequited or lost love, where one party is either oblivious to the existence of the other, or where one party has moved on. 

Female singers of the pop vocal tradition are referred to as "torch singers" when their repertoire consists predominantly of such material.

Torch singing is more of a niche than a genre, and can stray from the traditional jazz influenced style of singing, although the American tradition of the torch song typically relies upon the melodic structure of the blues.

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